When it comes to the distribution of your flyers, we differ from our competitors in a number of ways. Unlike our competitors, we only do a maximum of 4 flyers at a time. Many of our clients use Premium Leaflets for this reason. We know from research, when more than 4 leaflets are delivered together, it diminishes the response to both clients marketing campaigns. We don’t deliver newspapers with flyers, this will once again diminish response to a campaign.



​We GPS track each individual distributor in our nationwide workforce with a pager like device that sends us real-time positional information every 5 seconds.​


The software also sends us information such as the average speed of the distributor. We will see if roads are missed and promptly address this.​


Our software is real time and we catch everything that happens and mistakes can be rectified as we are in the area. This makes sure that our clients materials are always distributed to the highest of standards.​


Our Regional Quality Control Supervisors do knock on door quality checks on all our teams. Working in tandem with the Team leaders & office based Quality Control Team to ensure the highest quality end product for our clients.​


We send daily reports to all of our clients. These reports include all areas that have been scheduled for distribution that day once an area is completed. We snap shot the area that shows where the distributors have been.


We then embed these images into our client’s completion report so that they can see the results and evaluate. This keeps our clients involved in their distribution and makes sure that every element is visible to them.


As soon as your distribution starts, a member of the Customer Service Team sends you a progress reports with the area(s) that have started. This level of reporting continues until the distribution is complete. As an area is finished, we send the tracking images for that area to you. At the end of the distribution, a completion report is sent to you with all the completed map areas.


Our Regional Quality Control Supervisors perform knock on door quality checks to all our distributors. Working in tandem with the Team leaders & office based Quality Control Team to ensure the highest quality end product for our clients.


Each team has a Team Leader. All Team Leaders monitor our staff on the road, driving the team members from place to place, giving them more leaflets etc.​


The Team Leaders do random knock on door checks after a team member has completed areas throughout the day. They also keep a very vigilant eye to make sure that all leaflets are pushed fully through every letterbox.




We are constantly phone checking distribution areas. Each phone check is completely random and each distributor team does not know which areas or addresses we are checking. Members of the quality and reporting team make sure to ask certain questions when phone checking consumer households.​


These questions make sure that we pinpoint the client’s materials, ensure that they were received and also check again that leaflets were pushed fully through into the consumer household.


Finally we verify that the householder is happy with the manner of distribution and that our distributor closed the gate after them.