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Premium Leaflet Distribution with GPS tracking and high end reporting


Knock on Door Checks

Our Regional Quality Control Supervisors perform knock on door quality checks to all our distributors. Working in tandem with the Team leaders & office based Quality Control Team to ensure the highest quality end product for our clients.

Each team has a Team Leader. All Team Leaders monitor our staff on the road, driving the team members from place to place, giving them more leaflets etc.

The Team Leaders do random knock on door checks after a team member has completed areas throughout the day. They also keep a very vigilant eye to make sure that all leaflets are pushed fully through every letterbox.

Phone Checks

We are constantly phone checking distribution areas. Each phone check is completely random and each distributor team does not know which areas or addresses we are checking. Members of the quality and reporting team make sure to ask certain questions when phone checking consumer households.

These questions make sure that we pinpoint the client’s materials, ensure that they were received and also check again that leaflets were pushed fully through into the consumer household.

Finally we verify that the householder is happy with the manner of distribution and that our distributor closed the gate after them.

1. Maximum Impact 2. High-end Quality & Reporting 3. Accountability

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